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Blessings all. My healing successes include full recoveries from throat & tongue cancer, kidney cancer, breast cancer, brain injury, spinal injuries, chronic lung disease, Bell’s palsy, hip & leg mobility issues, hip replacement infection, tongue ring infection, chronic foot pain & gout; and measurable improvements with clients suffering a range of diseases including paralysis, ALS, arthritis, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, shingles, eczema, urinary tract pain, abdominal cramps, & addictions. I also give excellent psychic readings. I conduct healing & psychic sessions in person or by remote/distance — I work with people all over the world. I must also acknowledge that I have had many clients for whom we did not achieve the success we had hoped for. Well into my path as a healer, I am consistently humbled by ‘the great mystery’, continue to pray for the best for all, and accept the will of the divine.  





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Peace, Love & Healing – Namaste, Hugs & Aho!



Io Uyzuy, or ‘whole being healing’, is an ancient practice that is being brought back to us at a crucial time in the human journey. Alan Pratt is a primary channel for this modality, bringing healing and activation to thousands. In private sessions and in ceremony, we remove trauma, blocks, attached entities and negative programming; allowing the electromagnetic body to bring in light frequencies of Love, activating our dormant DNA strands and unleashing our highest abilities. This work is appropriate for people dealing with physical, emotional & mental illness; artists, performers and creators; and light workers of all paths, who wish to expand their capacity and increase their power. Connect with your Spirit Guides, transport to other timelines, experience shamanic release and more.

Alan channels the Ascended Masters, the animal & plant spirits, and the personal guides and ancestors of participants. Ascended Masters & Spirits that heal & speak through Alan include the Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Y’shua, Cristos, Maria Magdalena, St. Germain, the Archangels Metatron, Jophiel, Michael, Rafael, Gabriel, Uriel, Arial & Sandalfon, the Green Man, Melchizedek, El Morya, Adama of Atlantis, the elves & faeries & more. Some psychics believe Alan is a ‘living embodiment’ of the Apostle Paul. Alan speaks, sings & whistles in ‘light languages’, and has been accompanied by hundreds of musicians in sound healing ceremonies around the United States. Spirit also speaks through Alan in English, to provide powerful coaching to individuals & audiences.

Alan began receiving prophecies in 1996, that he would ‘heal the masses & speak to the masses on a global scale’, ‘heal millions of people of AIDS’, that Alan will appear in cathedrals & in stadiums around the world, that ‘volumes will pour forth’ from Alan and that he is ‘here to illuminate the great cosmic mystery’. These prophecies were delivered by the Spiritualists Association of Great Britain, the Lily Dale Assembly of New York, the Palm Beach Center for Living, medical intuitive Dr. Jean Chuang Menges (NYC), ‘Irish Spirit Healer’ Damien Wynn, TV psychic Joseph Ernest Martin, Dr. Madeline Singer, a team of psychics at the Harmony Festival in CA, Mystic Treasures in Lantana, FL, and many more mediums and spiritual seers.

Alan facilitates ceremonies at festivals, churches, yoga studios, healing centers & sacred sites, working with individuals & groups of up to 200 people. Most people experience a profound altered state, receive visions & purge deeply, much like a tribal medicine ceremony.

Alan also performs ‘remote transmissions’ for people who are unable to work with him in person. Alan can work with people simply by being given a name and the person’s location. Alan has channeled for people as far away as Mumbai, India from a studio in the U.S., and the subjects reported profound physical/emotional/spiritual experiences.

Once people have worked with Alan, it is common for Alan to appear in their meditations, astral travels & plant medicine journeys, either as an angel, a buddha floating in a tree, a shaman in the jungle or another image that shows Alan as a mentor, teacher & healer.