Have a Mission & a Project — Save the world, be a ‘systems buster’, play bigger than you are. Be a light worker, a spiritual warrior. Get clear about what you stand for, look to see what’s missing in the world, what is needed, and how you can provide it. Generate one or more of your own projects, and/or align yourself with one or more progressive, active communities & join the team. Throw your hat in the ring, and be accountable to produce results that require you to be the best you can be every day.

Fuel & Cleanse the Body with Greens — Eat more green salads & green vegetables than grain or animal products. Eat more live than cooked. Make marinated kale a staple in your diet. Drink a big green juice or a green smoothie daily, and take green supplements like spirulina, chlorella & wheat grass. Consume more green than fruit. Get your minerals & protein from greens, become more alkaline than acidic, get hydrated & energized by being a ‘mostly raw vegan’. Coffee is pure acid & poison; replace it with green juice or a powdered green supplement that you mix with water. Embrace the practices of juice fasting & herbal cleansing, and make juice fasting a regular practice. If you feel the need to consume the life force of animals, which is distinct from the need for protein, then eat fish, eggs and goat cheese, and let go of all cow & other animal products as much as possible.

Daily Meditation — Get still and quiet for about 20 minutes, at least once in the midst of your day. It does not have to be a particular style of meditation, but Spirit wants our bodies & minds to be very still & quiet, so they can work with us. Also, take 5 to 10 days out of your life go somewhere and do a silent meditation retreat with community. This may be one of the most powerful experiences of your life. The worldwide Vipassana organization | Dhamma | offers 10, 20, 30+ day silent meditation retreats all around the world, basically for free. They provide rooming, meals and the course at no cost, and only accept donations from people who have completed at least one 10-day Vipassana retreat. Also, explore ‘active meditations’, like the work developed by | Osho .

Exercise — In an obese & tech/device obsessed culture, this still needs to be stressed. Exercise daily and develop a daily regimen that includes exercise, meditation, healthy food & artistic expression. If you love going to health clubs, then go, but it’s also easy to work out anywhere, the old-fashioned way – pushups, pull-ups, squats, kicks, crunches, etc. Stick a pull-up bar in a doorway, get a rubber resistance cord with handles, and you’re set to do a full body workout at home or on the road. 

Sexercise & Sexploration — Liberate yourself from the suppression of mainstream society & religion; embrace free love & polyamory. Uncollapse the distinctions of monogamy & partnership. Millions of people have powerful partnerships based on deep profound love, shared ideals & goals – and a lifestyle that includes encouraging each other to have sex, intimacy, romance & playtime with other people, as a couple or separately. Spirit encourages us to explore our fantasies & fetishes – sex is one way we work out karmic debts from past incarnations. As we explore our fantasies, many find the satisfaction of the fantasy requires us to play out the fantasy over & over, with different people, in different settings, and perhaps with groups of people. There are all sorts of sex parties, sex festivals, sex workshops & weekends; I highly recommend The Body Electric . Spirit says we have 3 soul mates in each incarnation, and that we ought to be in love with all of them, and in some kind of relationship – and that we have a ‘twin flame’, who may or may not be 1 of those 3 soul mates – and beyond those primary relationships, we have other lovers and lots of playmates to sexercise with.

Massage, Touch & Be Naked — Learn to give a good massage, do massage exchanges with other people, and go to massage parties. Visit nude beaches & naturist resorts. Go to events that feature cuddle puddles, chill zones & healing arts. And check out organizations like Cuddle Party .

Sing, Dance, Flow, Be an Artist — If you can speak, you can sing. If you can walk, you can dance — and you need to do both, for your spirit, for your health, and for the healing of the whole world. Be an artist, find your voice, speak your truth, tell your story, give your gift. Explore trance dance, the flow arts, song circles & movement arts like qi gong & capoeira.

Hug Trees, Be One with Nature — Very few people actually touch & hug the trees. Wrap yourself around a tree, breathe with the tree, feel your chakras open, feel energy washing out of your body, through your feet, into the Earth. Exercise in nature, take daily walks near trees & water if you can, breathing in the open sky – let it be a walking meditation, and love every green leaf & blade of grass. Spirit says we are all in this together, that nature heals us & we heal nature. Spirit says the trees will walk, and we will fly.

Plant Medicine — Ayahuasca, DMT, psilocybin mushrooms & other entheogenic plants provide an experience unlike any other, and are an important part of ‘the awakening’ for most of us. Synthetic chemical drugs are dangerous & toxic; plant medicines are healing for the body, mind & spirit. Cleanse the body, work with the plants & feel the power. Circles & ceremonies with experienced shamans & facilitators are an ideal way to experience psychotropic plants, especially if one is new to the practice. Solo ‘vision quests’ in nature, combined with the use of plant medicine, are also powerful. Ayahuasca & other plant ceremonies happen regularly in most cities, and thousands of people journey to the Amazon, to Hawaii & the tropics to do ‘dietas’ and retreats & drink the medicine repeatedly, either sequestered or in ceremony, deep in the jungle where the vine grows. 

Conquer Addiction & Self-Destructive Behavior — To be human is to be addicted. To overcome our addictions is a part of our spiritual journey. Let go of shame & resignation and take action to win the war against whatever has a hold of you. Go to 12-step programs, or a rehab if you need that kind of structure, and/or change your life circumstances, including your home, work & relationships. Hang out with healthy people and in healthy environments. And work with plant medicines like ayahuasca to break addictions & remove chemicals from the body.

Open the Pineal Gland — Consider that the pineal gland is a separate entity residing within us, that wants to be loved & nourished, romanced & pleasured. The ‘pine cone of the brain’ opens, dances, flutters & functions optimally when activated by experiencing the following frequencies within the human host: orgasm, sound & energy transmission, plant medicine, song & dance, a highly mineralized & alkaline body, meditation, being in nature, being love — all the things that are good for the human also open & activate the pineal gland.

Tribes, Rituals & Ceremonies — Play with many tribes & find what works for you. Go to festivals, drum circles, spin & flow parties, ecstatic dance, healing circles, pipe ceremonies. Try breath work, acro yoga, a sweat lodge, songs & dances for universal peace, a despacho ceremony, kirtan — express yourself & PLAY with people in healthy, loving settings.

Intentional Communities – include ecovillages, cohousing, residential land trusts, income-sharing communes, student co-ops, spiritual communities, and other projects where people live together on the basis of explicit common values. Intentional communities are pioneers in sustainable living, personal and cultural transformation, and peaceful social evolution. Living with enlightened people is a powerful way to be supported on our paths of health & consciousness. This can also be a very inexpensive way to live, and a wonderful way to have an extended family & tribe, for a single person, a couple or a ‘nuclear’ family that wants more. Check out | The Fellowship for Intentional Community .