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Alan works with clients in person and by remote (phone, FB, WhatsApp), and facilitates healing events & psychic circles. Alan works with people around the world.
Due to Covid, Spirit is guiding Alan to offer all services at discounted fees.
If you are scheduling both a reading & a healing, it is preferable to have the reading first.
The insights and revelations from the reading can positively impact the healing process.
To schedule a session, or bring Alan to your city to work with your community:
 Via Email —
(or) Contact Alan on FaceBook —

Psychic & Life Coaching Sessions

 » 30 Minutes — $60

» 60 Minutes — $100

If you would like to email your questions/topics to Alan prior to the session, Alan will meditate in advance; however, it is not required.
You may record the session and/or write notes.
Alan works 3 ways:
  • He receives psychic messages & images from his guides and your guides — Ascended Masters, ancestors, light beings from other galaxies & more.
  • He incorporates decades of experience as a life coach and years of training through Landmark Education.
  • Spirit guides speak directly through him to the client/s.
You can ask questions about everything — health, career, relationships, spiritual path, past lives, relatives, pets, practical issues — i.e., questions about property, investments, travel, business associates — whatever you wish. It’s best to be specific with questions, rather than ask general questions like, “Can you tell me about my job?” or “How’s my health?” If you ask questions primarily in a yes/no fashion, Spirit will give Alan answers quickly, and will often add images or messages, and take the topic further. By phrasing most of your questions in a yes/no format, you can move quickly through a long list of questions in all domains. That said, Alan also receives messages from Spirit to coach you in all domains, without you asking questions, and Alan may address domains of your life, such as your spiritual path, health, or life purpose, without you asking. It goes both ways.

Healing Sessions

» Individual (or) Couple — $150

3 or more people — Alan will price accordingly.  Sessions last approximately 90 minutes.
If Alan comes to the client’s home for the session, the session includes an energetic house clearing.
Alan consults with Spirit for clients, to determine:
  • Is Alan ‘the’ or ‘a’ right healer for the client? Alan does not want to waste the client’s time or money, and he will guide clients to other healers, if Spirit indicates.
  • How many healing sessions might be needed? Alan is committed to succeeding with clients in as few sessions as possible. If Spirit says the healing will require a series of sessions, the series will be offered for a discounted fee.
  • Alan does not guarantee success with any illness. The outcome ‘is in higher hands than ours’. Alan has had dozens of ‘miracle successes’ — and just as many cases in which Alan did not achieve the desired goal with the client.

Lightworker Package Deal

» 6x Healing Sessions — $600

Lightworkers — healers, psychics, mediums, spiritual teachers, therapists, tribal leaders, yogis, etc. — need clearing & activation on a regular basis.
  • I offer a 33% discount for 6 sessions to be used within one year.
  • You schedule the sessions as you wish; they do not have to be on the same day or even once-a-month.

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^Please use the ‘Friends & Family‘ option so that neither of us will be charged a fee by PayPal.



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